Amadeyr Cloud Ltd. (ACL) is a private limited company incorporated under the laws of Bangladesh in October 2010. ACL is an Information Communications Technology based solution provider to a wide range of industries including the public and private sectors. ACL develops agile products that increase information efficiency enabling users to quickly make decisions and response to their company’s constantly changing needs. Specifically ACL focuses on delivering optimized solutions that add value to organization’s products processes that help reduce the costs of service delivery.

In keeping up with the changing digital technology landscape, ACL invests in research and development to develop original software products in-house based on market needs and trends. As a result, most of ACL’s solutions are considered to be ahead of the curve while adaptable today. ACL is Bangladesh’ first cloud services provider with both Public and Private cloud installations in Bangladesh.

Is maintained and supported by ACL

Bangladesh's First Cloud Sevices Provider

Offers both public and private cloud types, at all three layers

SaaS : Software as a service
PaaS : Platform as a service
IaaS : Infrastructure as a service

Employs local computer science graduates to maintain the network and develop relevant software

Enables local expertise to be developed through ACL sponsored training and real life job experience

Promotes local expertise with proven skills to the outside world

Connects with the Amadeyr Tablets through GSM, WiFi and WMN connectivity

Our Services

ACL offers a variety of software and hardware solutions for both your business and for personal needs. Included in our offerings are communication/messaging tools, customized security systems, survey solutions, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) solutions, enterprise planning resource (EPR) solutions, group conferencing and much more!

Amadeyr Cloud Security System

Point of Sale (POS)

Floor Space Automation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Amadeyr Shova

Application Market

Amadeyr Cloud Survey

Automatic Water Level Management System

Home Automation

Amadeyr Tapur Tupur Talk (AT3)

Conversion Factory

Aay Baay

Our Works

ACL from the beginning made a conscious decision to address the challenges of information delivery to the disadvantaged and or illiterate population. For this reason the company spent 2+ years researching and field-testing its proprietary information delivery system. Along side various mobile and web based educational and informational applications ACL has come up with its very own communication and security systems. ACL believes software/hardware should be designed to be efficient, effective and inclusive. Systems should be organic and grow with the users’ needs.


The Introducer application allows you to connect any contacts on your phone to another. Simply by selecting the desired contacts on your mobile phone.

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Consumer Price Index ( CPI )

ACL is Bangladesh’ first cloud services provider with both Public and Private cloud installations in Bangladesh. Notably ACL has developed and implemented end-to-end systems for the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS).
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Amadeyr Tapur Tupur Talk (AT3)

First Bangla Messaging Android Application, Amadeyr Tapur Tupur Talk (AT3). The easy to use android application was designed to allow users to communicate in both Bangla and English.

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Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF)

Beyond PaaS and SaaS solutions, ACL is also in the business of integrating hardware e.g. sensors, cameras...
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Okkhor is a pedagogical guided trace tool to learn application that uses audiovisual cues to teach users the Bangla alphabet.

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StreetWise Digits to All (SW DTA) project was a three-month program intended to measure the usage and experience of urban street children with the tablet.

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Digits to All ( DTA )

The focus of the Digits to All (DTA) projects was to disseminate information through the use of technology. Using a simple touch screen ...

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Alif is a pedagogical guided trace tool to learn application that uses audiovisual cues to teach users the Arabic alphabet.

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Our Process

ACL will work closely with your company in creating a system design that contains the desired attributes and functions. Weather your requirement is for a simple survey system with form building capabilities & role based matrix for access control or a multiple module ERP system ACL can actualize a customized product suited to your business needs. Our designs will allow your staff to easily track/monitor/produce the information required through the use of web-based dashboard embedded with graphical representations, charts and maps giving a bird’s eye view of the work’s progress.













Our Skills


Our Clients

Department Of Agriculture Extension
Quality Feeds Limited

Contact Info

Amadeyr Cloud Ltd.
House#5, Block-B, Road#23
Banani, Dhaka-1213
Phone: (88-02) 55034405
Email: info@amadeyr.org


ACL recognizes the sensitivity of after sales service for its products that are crucial for customer satisfaction and business growth. It is more so in the case of Bangladesh where digital technology is still in the initial stages, where a diverse mindset regarding technology needs to be addressed. Increasing traction, customer loyalty and brand building is directly proportional to the product itself and the quality of after sales service & maintenance. Keeping this in mind ACL provides an unparallel level of after sales service, which not only keeps its customers satisfied but also allows ACL to collect feedback that helps in the continuous fine-tuning of its products. ACL has dedicated personnel to attend customer calls and performs at site routine preventive maintenance on solutions that include hardware. Albeit expensive, ACL believes this philosophy keeps its systems up and running as promised and will provide future dividends.

(88-02) 55034405